Thursday, January 31, 2013

Testing testing 123

I bought an iPad Mini this week (YAY!) and thought I'd test out blogging from it so I can see what it'll be like once I move to England. I'm hoping to not have to bring my laptop with me. So far, still getting used to the typing on it. My fingers aren't used to trying to do regular typing on such a smaller keyboard. They want to do the same thing as on my iPhone, but that's so much smaller!

I'm hoping to put up another blog post tomorrow, I've got some ideas of what to write about, it's just figuring out which one to use! I'm also planning on doing another YouTube video hopefully! So definitely check back to see if that's done or if I've gone into my "procrastination hole."

Time to sleep though for me! Had a great afternoon up at the local ski hill. Got a few runs in before I had to make it up to one of the private cabins for a coworkers wedding. It was so sweet! A total Canadian winter ceremony. Uh oh, I feel another blog post coming out! Alright... I'll write about that tomorrow!


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