Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I'm a horrible blogger...

Yup, I procrastinated as per usual. Gosh, I'm really not good at this, am I? I really am trying! I have all these ideas for blog posts flitting around inside my head but once I open up a blank post... I blank too. I've always had troubles with writing. I do love it, but it takes me a while to find my voice when I do. So here I am, lying on my bed, listening to a playlist from 8tracks, trying to find my muse that will help me write.

I think one of the reasons I have problems writing, is because I want to write something that someone will want to read. But lately, all I've done in my life is well, normal life things! Nothing very thought provoking, nothing overly interesting. Just regular day to day life. Sure, we've had our annual winter carnival, I went to my beautiful coworkers outside winter wedding, and I've been getting ready to pack up and move to England. But still, finding something in there to write about that people want to hear? That's the part that's not quite fitting for me...

So while my heart, head, and hands try to figure out just what I'll be writing on this blog, I think I'll update you all with some photos. Therefor, the next two blogposts today will be photos from winter carnival/winter wedding as well as a post on my Instagram photos from the past month! Because that's what everyone seems to post, haha!

Lots of love,


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