Monday, February 11, 2013

A (un)productive day filled with dreamy jazz and lazing in bed

Do you ever wake up one morning and realize that as much as you want to be productive that day, you just can't seem to think of what you should do? That's how I've felt the past two days. I was really hoping to get lots done, but I just couldn't find enough things to work on to keep me occupied and not procrastinate or get distracted. So instead of doing things that I should be doing, I watched chick flicks on Netflix, read self published books online, and lazed around eating cookies and drinking tea. Oh dear... definitely not what I'd call the most productive day out there. I feel like there's so many things I should be doing to get ready to move to England, but I just can't think of anything else!

So here I am, sitting on my bed as per usual, listening to beautiful playlists on 8tracks and enjoying the company of my dogs. It's a bleak winter day outside, but I feel all cozy inside. Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, and Billie Holiday are playing through my room and I'm day dreaming of wandering the streets of Paris on a rainy spring day.

The weather is still very much wintery here in my small town, but a girl can dream, can't she?


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Instagram - No.1 January 2013

I've challenged myself to a year of Instagram photos, and so far, it's going alright! I forget to post some nights and then do a massive 3 or 4 days worth of posting on another night, but I still take the photos every day at least! These are January's photos all compiled into one blog post. Enjoy!

1. Cross country skiing on New Years Day 2. GF cookie and a London Fog
3. Chocolate Banana cupcake turned extreme cupcake sandwich
4. Received my Christmas package from Amanda in the mail!!!

5. My high school art teacher's art is featured at work! 6. Sleepy dogs
7. Whole 30 breakfast 8. Daytrip to Nelson with Dad

9. Juliana's "glasses" 10. Dogs and cooking took over my day
11. Little me feeling elf-like 12. Gluten free pizza!

13. Clare's interesting "do" 14.  My latté art from work!
15. I <3 RSS - save our school 16. My messy room :(

17. My UK Visa came in the mail! 18. My 2013 memories jar is filling up!
19. Cutie Lulu asleep on the floor 20. Bath time after a stressful day at work

21. Gorgeous day in the neighbourhood 22. Frosty trees
23. Downtown at night 24. Winter Carnival!

25. Getting geared up to be a bear! 26. Mom and Clare playing in the snow
27. My new best friend (iPad Mini) 28. A gorgeous winter wedding in the mountains
29.  Visiting Grandma in the hospital after her knee surgery
30.  Sketching the chalkboard sign for the wedding dinner
31. The final product the night before the dinner!

January in Photos

This is a big jumble of photos from the past couple weeks. January was a month filled with work as well as play! From my town's annual winter carnival, to my beautiful coworker's outdoor winter wedding in the mountains!

I dressed up for the parade in this lovely bear costume, repping my old high school and giving love!

Mom, Clare, and I watching the bobsled races

Me, Mom, and Juliana heading up the chairlift for the wedding!

Kristin before the wedding! Rawr!

Rhea looking lovely up the mountain!

I think Clare's a bit tired of waiting around for the bride and groom...

Pretty Mommy

Dad's "smile"

Say "cheese," Hailey

Making an aisle of skis and boards for the bride and groom

The wedding aisle

Mom, Clare, and Dad

Wedding aisle

Julia - the beautiful bride!

Erik and Julia got hitched!

I made up a little bag for the cards, inspired by their invitations!

I also made up this chalkboard sign for them for the wedding dinner!

Delicious, and beautiful, gluten-free wedding cake

Kristin, Sarah, and Rhea

Cutting the cake!

Gorgeous ladies ;)

More gorgeous ladies!

Found this on my camera at the end of the night... Sarah and her "breadstick"

I'm a horrible blogger...

Yup, I procrastinated as per usual. Gosh, I'm really not good at this, am I? I really am trying! I have all these ideas for blog posts flitting around inside my head but once I open up a blank post... I blank too. I've always had troubles with writing. I do love it, but it takes me a while to find my voice when I do. So here I am, lying on my bed, listening to a playlist from 8tracks, trying to find my muse that will help me write.

I think one of the reasons I have problems writing, is because I want to write something that someone will want to read. But lately, all I've done in my life is well, normal life things! Nothing very thought provoking, nothing overly interesting. Just regular day to day life. Sure, we've had our annual winter carnival, I went to my beautiful coworkers outside winter wedding, and I've been getting ready to pack up and move to England. But still, finding something in there to write about that people want to hear? That's the part that's not quite fitting for me...

So while my heart, head, and hands try to figure out just what I'll be writing on this blog, I think I'll update you all with some photos. Therefor, the next two blogposts today will be photos from winter carnival/winter wedding as well as a post on my Instagram photos from the past month! Because that's what everyone seems to post, haha!

Lots of love,