Wednesday, January 2, 2013

hello twenty-thirteen!

As the first post of this blog, it sort of makes sense to have it also the first blog post of the year. Most of you won't know a thing about me (Hi, my name's Madelaine, by the way. You can call me Maddie though if it's easier on you.) and therefor won't know that last year was possibly the most amazing year of my life! I know there will be many more amazing years ahead of me, but last year was the year that I really started finding myself and realizing more of my hopes, dreams and realities even. But enough about that. I don't even know why I'm writing this blog in the first place. I guess to document what I hope to be many more fabulous memories ahead of me, an online memory jar perhaps. Oh! And I know the about me section (or tidbits section) doesn't really explain much about myself, so here's a few more random facts about myself.

  1. I am a recent lover of scented candles. Sadly, there's not many places near my small town to buy them, so I stock up on lots when I get the chance!
  2. I'm a firm believer of taking time off before going to college/university straight out of high school. I'm on my second year off between high school and college and I couldn't have done anything better! Although, you can't sit around doing nothing, get out there! Travel, volunteer, work odd jobs. You'll learn some amazing life experiences and more about yourself!
  3. I have two English Springer Spaniels. Emmy Lu aka Whitetrash Princess: a 7 year old purebreed, acts like she's twice her size (she's very small for her breed), and loves to eat her own poo. But well, she's my baby! And then there's Albert aka Albert Chewbacca Snuffleupagus Wigglebum III: a 4 year old rescue we got from the States almost two years ago, we're fairly sure he's part Basset Hound. Reasoning behind his name? Chewbacca was his original foster name because of the noises he makes when he's excited, very Wookie-esque. Snuffleupagus for the 2 inch long eyelashes and the fact that he doesn't lick with his tongue but "snuffles" with his nose. Wigglebum, self explanatory. He has a large derriere and doesn't really wag his tail, just his butt. And "the third" just makes it sound more mysterious, almost like we had two before him.
  4. I have more books than I can count and I've probably read 1/20 of them. Sad I know, but I start reading one and then find a new one at a bookstore or the library and never finish it. My goal this year is to read 50 that I own this year!
  5. I can't finish the bazillion ideas that I have swirling around in my head. Well, maybe I can, I've tried though and it doesn't always work out. For some reason (similar to my not-finishing-a-book dilemma), I can't seem to complete things. I'll buy materials for making art or doing a DIY or whatever and then they sit in my room, or the basement, just piling up.
  6. And as a side note from fact #5: my parents nicknamed me the "Clutter Queen" when I was around... 11 years old. I even have a pillow with the name stitched on. I love a clean space but it takes me ages to get to that point and then 5 seconds to destroy it. We've been living in our current house for over 5 years and my room has never been completely cleaned. Sad, I know.
Well, I think that's enough about me for the night. Now, let's see if I can continue this blog and actually keep it going unlike most projects I start!


-- photo from Pinterest page found here

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