Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Favourites!

Hello, hello everyone who may stumble across my little blog! Today is Friday and I think to celebrate this joyous day, I'll tell you some of my favourite things from this week! Oh, and a sidenote, Fridays usually aren't my favourite days of the week anymore because I tend to work weekends. Mondays however seem to be my normal day off. Yeah, I like Mondays over Fridays now.

  1. Pitch Perfect - I know I'm a little late on the band wagon, but seriously? This movie is everything I love rolled into one. Cheesy romance, fantastic comedy, and then the best soundtrack! And believe me, soundtracks are 1/2 of what makes a movie for me, so I've got a massive list of favourites! This one is definitely at the top! Anyways, I finally watched the movie a couple days ago and I'm in love. I need to buy a copy asap so I can watch it every single week. Fat Amy is far to fabulous, Jesse is way too sweet, and Aubrey needs a good pitch slap every once in a while. It really is pitch perfect! Pun inteded.
  2. Going back to work - True, true, a weird one. But I've been working so much for the past few months, that even when I was away for Christmas holidays, I almost missed it! You get so used to the routine, and I missed all the girls I work with as well.
  3. Reading - Yup, hadn't read in a long time and then this week I sat down and read Divergent (I'm so behind on these band wagons) in one day. Man it felt great! I've now compiled a massive list that I want to complete: 50 Books to Read in 2013! PHEW!
  4. Bloglovin' - I never realized how many blogs I read until now. And it's way easier now that I follow them all on there and can read the updates easier. Why didn't I find out about this till now?
  5. The "12 Days of Christmas" app - I tried to remember to download the free gifts from iTunes every day last Christmas... definitely didn't remember. So this year I decided to get the app, now every morning I get the little reminder to download my freeeeeee stuff. Yay free things! I missed the Sherlock episode though, sigh. I didn't have enough space on my laptop or phone to download it onto. Grr.
Well, I hope you're all having a fantabulous Friday! Whether you're going out with friends or just relaxing at home, make it a great one.


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