Friday, January 11, 2013

moving to England

I'm moving to England! Hopefully. I'm still anxiously awaiting my UK work visa acceptance, but my fingers are permanently crossed! But that means a shit ton of planning, pardon the language. I'm moving there with a girl from my town, Nadia. She and I are both SO ready to get out of our small Canadian ski town of 3,500 people and move to the big city for a while!

So, I'm spending the afternoon in a local café (not my dad's, it's way to crazy in there right now for pizza day!) writing lists upon lists. Researching my first move EVER is difficult enough, but doing it half way across the world from where you're moving!? Oh no... way tougher...

Cities I'm looking at moving to:

  • Brighton - the fact that it's on the coast just makes me giddy with excitement! I miss living on the ocean, I miss the salty breeze and everything it has to offer. So this smaller city is definitely at the top of my list!
  • London - I fell in love with London the first, and only, time I went there (last summer). So it's only fit! I know I would love living and working there. So much to see and do! It's completely different from my current lifestyle, which scares me a lot, but it also excites me! I need to scare myself, I don't do it often enough.
Then there's the problems of flat (or apartment) searching. It's fairly pricey to live in England, especially London. So trying to find a 2 bedroom flat that's reasonable compared to the amount of money that we'll be making it work? Difficult! I've tried a couple different websites: Flatland London, Zoopla & Gumtree. Along with some others. Nadia and I are getting to the point where we've seen so many, it's painful! Guh. No fun. If anyone has tips for finding decently priced 2 bed places in London or Brighton, please let me know!!!


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