Monday, March 4, 2013

the happy list

I feel like I've been slacking in the productivity department here on my blog, I'm sorry! I've been so overwhelmed with work and getting everything prepared for when I move to England (which is in a week by the way... wow).  I figured that with all the crazy changes going on, I'd make a list of things that are making me happy right now. I saw this post from Gia at Lovely Serendipity and Camie at Wild-Spirit! They're fantastic bloggers who I aspire to be someday. So here they are, a list of things that are making me happier and happier everyday.

1. My countdown to England... it frightens me and amazes me all at the same time!

2. Listening to new artists I've found - Time for T, Wilcox Sessions, Rusty Clanton

3. The feeling I get when I've helped my younger sister with her math homework, and she understands! Yay!

4. The Vampire Diaries - ok, so I know I'm behind on the times, but I just started watching it yesterday and I'm already hooked!

5. The March Instagram Challenge that I made for myself (and anyone who feels like doing it!) - it's helping me take more photos of things I normally wouldn't take a picture of :)

6. My first blog comment! Thanks Shainee :) <3

7. Cuddles with my dogs after a few days of not living at home with them.

8. Making mental lists of things to see and do while I'm in England - now just to get them on paper!

9. Feeling comfortable in my own skin wearing less makeup than usual!

10. Coffee Haagen Dazs - I may or may not have eaten an entire pint last night in one sitting while shamelessly watching around 8 episodes of the Vampire Diaries.........

Hope you enjoyed reading those little happiness facts about me, now go make yourself happy too!


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